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This manual documents how to install and use FIDOGATE. It is the first step toward a concise documentation. Alas, writing documentation is a somewhat tedious business, so this manual is far from complete.

1. Introduction to FIDOGATE  
2. Compiling and installing FIDOGATE  
3. FIDOGATE Programs  FIDOGATE programs and scripts
4. FIDOGATE Config Files  FIDOGATE config files
5. Basic Configuration  Basic configuration


 -- The Detailed Node Listing ---

Compiling and installing FIDOGATE

2.1 The config.h Header File  The config.h header file
2.2 The config.make Makefile Configuration  The config.make Makefile configuration
2.3 Compiling and Installing FIDOGATE  Compiling and installing FIDOGATE
2.4 Integrating FIDOGATE and the Mail/News System  Integrating FIDOGATE and the mail/news system
2.5 Testing the FIDOGATE Installation  Testing FIDOGATE operation
2.6 Connecting to FIDONET  


3.1 ftnaf -- Areafix  Areafix mail processor
3.2 ftnafmail -- Areafix Mail Frontend  Areafix mail setuid frontend
3.3 ftnafpkt -- Areafix packet processor  Areafix packet processor
3.4 ftnafutil -- Areafix utility  Areafix utility

Character set translation table compiler:
3.5 charsetc -- Character set translation table compiler  Character set translation table compiler

FFX programs and scripts:
3.6 ffx -- Remote Execution via Fido Mailer  Remote execution via Fido mailer
3.7 ffxmail -- ffx Frontend for Sending Mail  ffx frontend for sending mail
3.8 ffxnews -- ffx Frontend for Sending News  ffx frontend for sending news
3.9 ffxqt -- Execute ffx Requests  Execute ffx requests
3.10 ffxrmail -- Rmail Command for FFX  rmail command for ffxqt
3.11 runffx -- Script for Running FFX Programs  Script for running FFX programs
3.12 send-ffx -- Script for Processing News via FFX  Script for processing news via FFX

Gateway programs and scripts:
3.13 ftn2rfc -- FTN-Internet Gateway Program  Fido-Internet gateway program
3.14 ftnin -- Frontend for ftn2rfc  Frontend for ftn2rfc
3.15 ftninpost -- ftnin Post-processing Script  ftnin post-processing script
3.16 ftninrecomb -- ftnin Recombining Script  ftnin recombining script
3.17 ftnmail -- rfc2ftn Setuid Frontend  rfc2ftn setuid frontend
3.18 rfc2ftn -- Internet-Fido Gateway Program  Internet-Fido gateway program
3.19 rungate -- Script for Running Gateway Programs  Script for running gateway programs
3.20 send-fidogate -- Script for Processing News via FIDOGATE  Script for processing news via FIDOGATE

Ticker programs:
3.21 ftnhatch -- Hatch new file into file area  Hatch new file into file area
3.22 ftntick -- Process incoming TIC files  Process incoming TIC files
3.23 ftntickpost -- ftntick Post-processing Script  ftntick post-processing script

Tosser programs and scripts:
3.24 ftn2ftn -- FTN-FTN NetMail Gateway Program  FTN-FTN NetMail gateway
3.25 ftnexpire -- Utility for expiring MSGID history database  Utility to expire MSGID history database
3.26 ftnpack -- Pack Fido ArcMail Packets  Pack (ArcMail) Fido mail packets
3.27 ftnroute -- Route Fido Mail Packets  Route Fido mail packets
3.28 ftntoss -- Toss Fido Mail Packets  Toss/remap/rewrite Fido mail packets
3.29 runin -- Script for Processing Inbound Packets  Script for processing inbound packets
3.30 runmail -- Script for Processing Gateway Mail Output Packets  Script for processing gateway mail output packets
3.31 runnews -- Script for Processing Gateway News Output Packets  Script for processing gateway news output packets
3.32 runout -- Script for Processing Miscellaneous Output Packets  Script for processing miscellaneous output packets
3.33 runtoss -- Script for Running the Tosser Programs  Script for running the tosser programs
3.34 rununpack -- Script for Unpacking Inbound ArcMail Archives  Script for unpacking inbound arcmail archives

3.35 ftnbsy -- Create/delete Binkley Busy Filess  Create/delete Binkley busy files
3.36 ftnconfig -- Retrieve information from FIDOGATE config files  Retrieve information from FIDOGATE config files
3.37 ftnfattach -- Outbound file attaches  Binkley outbound file attach utility
3.38 ftnflo -- Process Binkley Outbound FLO Files and Attachments  Process Binkley outbound FLO files and attachments
3.39 ftnlock -- Create/Remove Lock Files  Create/delete lock files
3.40 ftnlog -- Write Message to Log File  Write message to log file
3.41 ftnoutpkt -- Create Fido Message Packets  Create output Fido message packets
3.42 ftnseq -- Command Line Interface to Sequencer Files  Access sequencer file
3.43 pktdebug -- FTN mail packet debugger  FTN mail packet debugger
3.44 pktmore -- Pager frontend for pktdebug  Pager frontend for pktdebug
3.45 sumcrc -- CRC Checksum Utility  CRC checksum utility

FIDOGATE Config Files

4.1 Main Configuration File  Main configuration file
4.2 hosts FTN Address to Host Name Conversion  hosts FTN address to host name conversion
4.3 aliases User Aliases  aliases user aliases
4.4 areas FTN Area to Newsgroup Conversion  areas FTN area to newsgroup conversion
4.5 Bounce Messages of ftn2rfc  Bounce messages of ftn2rfc
4.6 passwd Password Config File  passwd password config file
4.7 routing Config File  routing file for ftntoss and ftnroute
4.8 packing Config File  packing file for ftnpack
4.9 areas.bbs EchoMail Distribution  areas.bbs EchoMail distribution

Basic Configuration

5.1 Sendmail Configuration  Sendmail configuration
5.2 Example Point Configuration  Example point configuration
5.3 Example Configuration with 2 Point Addresses  Example configuration with 2 point addresses
5.4 Example Leaf Node configuration  Example leaf node configuration


6.1 RFC Headers in FTN Messages  
6.2 X Headers in RFC Messages  

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